We received this fabulous comment from one of our parents:

“I watched the last 90 minutes of the Preston school rugby Tournament and I’m so glad that I did. Harris were simply brilliant and they never gave up not until the final whistle blew. The team were so supportive of each other and that was wonderful to see. A huge thank you to all those involved with the training. I met a parent from a losing side later in the evening and she said that the Harris pupils were not only polite but that the team spirit was really evident. She said they were the best team by far and thoroughly deserved their win. How nice for our children to bring such praise on their school. After hearing such lovely comments and seeing a real ‘team’ spirit for myself I felt it necessary to pass this on.”

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Recent Comments from parents

Thank you to all those parents who take the time to write to us. Your comments are gratefully received. Here are some recent comments.

“I helped with Y2 Forest School yesterday and just felt compelled to email to say what a delightful time we had with exemplary behaviour from all the children. In my group I had Sam, Dougie, Pele and Jasmine who were a pleasure to look after, as were all the class. They worked well together, complimented each others’ efforts and were very polite. They really were amazing, not that they aren’t always well behaved!”                                                                                                                                           

Year 2 parent volunteer May 2015



 Comments from our last Parent Questionnaire

“The school promotes very good behaviour among pupils. Children are encouraged to aim high and have positive attitudes.”


        “A lovely school with a positive ethos.”

 “A friend has enquired about Harris as she is concerned with its “good” status. I told her it doesn’t reflect the changes made since that report came out.”

“This school is absolutely fantastic. The Headteacher is hands on with everything. Very polite and approachable.”


“Excellent behaviours and attitude and this is expanded outside of school.”

“The Harris Primary has good leadership. Mrs Gregory is very good with everyone. The standard of education is high. There is no snobbery and everyone, including the children are treated fairly.”

“I am amazed how well J is getting on and progressing. I can bring him to school worry-free and J loves his school, friends and teachers. He also seems to have a hunger for knowledge which can only reflect on the Harris staff for working so hard with him.”

“My child promotes his “high standards” at home and is quick to tell me if my standards aren’t to “his”. I also like the fact that other children are given responsibilities such as looking after children who have development problems, as opposed to bullying them which occurs when they are not educated to understand and sympathise.”


“The school is excellent and promotes good education and in addition good behaviour is encouraged both in and out of school. It is a smart school. The teachers are fantastic, credit to them.”


“Fantastic school and the teachers are kind, friendly and caring. The school is well run and the standards are very high.”


“We live close to the school. We moved there because we wanted our children to go to the school. We are very happy with all aspects of the school and our son is very happy to go every day!”


“I am really pleased with the quality of education that my children receive at The Harris. They are both happy and flourishing thanks to the brilliant teaching and learning going on.”


“Senior management lead the school very effectively and are very visible in school and at events.”


“Fantastic Reception Class staff!”


“Keep up the good work. This is a lovely school!” (Reception parent March 2015)


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A letter from the Minister of State for Schools

We were delighted to receive a letter from David Laws MP, congratulating us on the contribution we are making to disadvantaged pupils:

“Your school’s results in recent years show that you have expertise in making a difference with this too-often underperforming group. This clearly demonstrates that the future success of your pupils is very important to you, and that you share my determination to give our most disadvantaged children a better start in life.”                                                                                       

David Laws MP Minister of State for Schools February 2015




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